Regione Sardegna

Sassari Via Monte Grappa, 82. Tel. 079-2061000 (FAX)079-2061782 C.A.P. 07100 SASSARI (SS)

Olbia Viale Aldo Moro. Tel. 0789-552200 (FAX)0789-552329 C.A.P. 07026 OLBIA (SS)

Nuoro Via Demurtas, 1. Tel. 0784-240626 (FAX)0784-232095 C.A.P. 08100 NUORO (NU)

Lanusei Via Piscinas, 5. Tel. 0782-490599 (FAX)0782-41003 C.A.P. 08045 LANUSEI (NU)

Oristano Via Carducci, 35. Tel. 0783-3171 (FAX)0783-317837 C.A.P. 09170 ORISTANO (OR)

Sanluri Via Ungaretti. Tel. 070-9384321 (FAX)070-9384328 C.A.P. 09025 SANLURI (CA)

Carbonia Via Dalmazia, 83. Tel. 0781-6683204 (FAX)0781-668312 C.A.P. 09013 CARBONIA (CA)

Cagliari Via Lo Frasso, 11. Tel. 070-6091 (FAX)070-6093249 C.A.P. 09127 CAGLIARI (CA)

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